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New maternal health and oncology libraries provide education, confidence, and control

There’s nothing like a new health diagnosis to fire up Google in search of how to manage and treat the condition. The breadth of information can be overwhelming, making a trusted resource a welcome click.

Blue KC is that trusted resource and partner. Today we’re happy to introduce new maternal health and oncology libraries on Coupled with guidance from our established Care Management Team, these resources can give you greater confidence during your health journey.

Maternal health

The Your Healthy Pregnancy library provides expectant parents educational support on the road to parenthood. Here you will find topics ranging from what to ask at the first prenatal visit to what to expect in the delivery room. You can also download a pregnancy appointment handbook and the Blue KC Care Management app to connect immediately with the Care Management Team.


The Cancer Care Basics library walks cancer patients and their families from diagnosis and beyond. It includes a must-read guide, “You’ve been diagnosed with cancer: Your stay-calm guide to what’s next,” which acknowledges the fear and hope of a cancer diagnosis. And a rich list of topics offers calm, comfort, and control only a trusted resource can provide.

Blue KC Care Management Team – A partner in health

Our Care Management Team includes clinical nurses, social workers, patient advocates, and other healthcare professionals. They can help navigate cancer, offer resources for a healthy pregnancy, manage chronic health conditions, provide support and encouragement after a diagnosis, transition after a hospital visit, share inspiration to achieve wellness goals, and answer health questions. The team personalizes a plan based on your unique objectives.

Behind the scenes, the Care Management Team continuously monitors a dashboard which surfaces insights about preventive health needs, such as flu shots or annual eye exams, and flags your survey responses related to your health, wellness, and nutrition. Our team will then work with you to schedule care and offer real-time support.

One of the best ways to connect with the Care Management Team is with the Blue KC Care Management app. You can download it at the App Store, Google Play, or by scanning the QR code at Care Management.