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Affordable Health Care Plans

How to choose and enroll in the right plan

There’s a lot to consider when deciding on which ACA health plan is best for your individual needs. Here you’ll find information on how to choose a plan, as well as what you’ll need when you’re ready to enroll.

Consider all factors when choosing a healthcare plan image

Consider all the factors

There’s a lot to consider when choosing the right ACA health plan for you. Do you qualify for financial assistance to help pay for your health plan? If so, how much assistance will you receive? Also, you’ll want to think about your total healthcare costs including your “out-of-pocket” costs, not just monthly premiums. This will help you determine which plan’s cost structure is right for your needs. And of course, you’ll want to consider what additional benefits your ACA health plan offers. These can provide added value to your plan.

For more details on each of these factors, go to our Insurance Basics page for in-depth answers on topics including financial assistance eligibility, comparing costs, and more.

Download the ACA Consumer Guide Download the ACA Consumer Guide
What you'll need to enroll image

Be prepared before your enroll

You will need personal information, tax and financial information, and information for additional members that will be on your ACA health plan. It’s best to gather this information before beginning the enrollment process. For a comprehensive list of all information you may need to enroll, download our helpful checklist guide.

Download the guide
Choosing your metallic level image

Choosing your "metallic level"

When comparing plans on the Marketplace, all ACA plans are categorized into one of four “metallic levels” – Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. These four categories are based on you and your plan share the total costs of your care. Generally speaking, categories with higher premiums (Gold, Platinum) pay more of your total costs of healthcare. Categories with lower premiums (Bronze, Silver) pay less of your total costs.

Consider how much you use health insurance

This can help you decide which metallic level is best for you. For example, if you don’t expect to use regular medical services or take regular prescriptions, you may want a Bronze plan. These plans can have very low monthly premiums, but have high deductibles and pay less when you need care. Conversely, if you expect frequent doctor visits or need regular prescriptions you may want a Gold plan. These plans usually have higher premiums but pay more of your costs when you need care.

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Enrolling during the extra enrollment period image

Getting coverage after Open Enrollment

Missed the Open Enrollment Period? No problem. If you experienced a qualifying life event, you can still purchase a health plan with a Special Enrollment Period. Qualifying life events include things like changes to your household, residence, or job status and more. You have 60 days following your qualifying life event to shop for and enroll in a plan during your Special Enrollment Period.

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Getting health insurance just got easier

Spira Care is now

Depending on where you live, Blue KC offers ACA plans that give you access to Spira Care. These plans provide care at eight Spira Care Center locations, along with the guidance and expertise from our helpful Care Guides. Plus, we offer multiple Spira Care plan options to fit your individual needs.

Spira Care Availability

Spira Care ACA plan options are available to residents of Johnson and Wyandotte counties in Kansas and Platte, Clay and Jackson counties in Missouri. If you live outside of those counties, Blue KC offers other ACA plan options.

Care guides are there for you

One of the many benefits that come with a Blue KC plan with exclusive access to Spira Care is the help you receive from our expert Care Guides. They will be with you at every step to support you on your health journey. Care Guides can help you with understanding costs, coordinating your care, explaining plan benefits, and so much more. Learn more about Spira Care.

Behavioral Health Services

All of our ACA plans include behavioral health services from Mindful by Blue KC. Mindful is dedicated to reducing the stigma around behavioral health while making care more accessible and affordable. You’ll have access to one of our Mindful Advocates who can help guide you when addressing conditions like depression, anxiety, stress, substance use, and so much more. Click here to learn more about behavioral health.

Telehealth Services

ACA plans from Blue KC also come with telehealth services so you can get the care you need without ever visiting an office. These video visits make it safe and easy to connect with a doctor from the convenience of your laptop, tablet, or smartphone – no matter where you are. Telehealth is great for treating common medical conditions such as sore throats, allergies, the flu, and much more. Click here to learn more about telehealth services.

ACA Health Care Plans