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Choice Bronze 8700 with Spira Care

Choice Bronze 8700 with Spira Care

Plan Overview

$0 copay at Spira Care
Spira Care centers combine integrated primary care and coverage in one personal, affordable place, along with the benefits of the BlueSelect EPO.

Key benefit

  • $0 copay for services received at Spira Care centers *
  • Most affordable Spira Care plan
  • $0 copay for Spira Care Virtual Care, $0 copay for Blue KC Virtual Care App and $10 copay for in-network eligible provider offering telehealth

*Select prescriptions are offered at Spira Care Centers at your regular copy level.

Blue KC Plan with Spira Care

We’re proud to offer Blue KC members health plans with exclusive access to Spira Care Centers, where we bring healthcare and coverage together to put you at the center of everything.

Explore the Spira Care Difference


Benefit Item Value
Single Deductible $8,700
Family Deductible $17,400
Coinsurance 0%
Single Out-of-Pocket Max $8,700
Family Out-of-Pocket Max $17,400
Access to Spira Care Yes
Spira Visits $0
Virtual Care5 $0
PCP Network Visits1 $0/Ded
Urgent Care Deductible
Specialist Visits Deductible
Hospital Deductible
Emergency Room Deductible
Prescription Drugs3 RxSelect Network
Generic Drug $50
Preferred Drug $100
Non-Preferred Drug $250
Generic Specialty Drug and Preferred Specialty Drug $400
Non-Preferred Specialty Drug Ded & 50%

1 Primary Care Physicians include General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

3 Specialty medications should be filled at an Optum Specialty Pharmacy to receive the lowest member cost-sharing. You may pay more if filling a specialty prescription at a retail location.

5 Copay is $0 via Blue KC Virtual Care app; $10 copay with an in-network eligible provider.