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Community Silver 6000

Community Silver 6000

Plan Overview

Provides predictable coverage with clear copays on the most common services, with a higher deductible and lower premium.

Key benefit

  • Predictable coverage with clear copays on common services
  • A good balance of deductible and premium
  • Large provider network with $0 copay for Blue KC Virtual Care App


Benefit Item Value
Single Deductible $6,000
Family Deductible $12,000
Coinsurance 40%
Single Out-of-Pocket Max $8,100
Family Out-of-Pocket Max $16,200
Access to Spira Care No
Spira Visits N/A
Virtual Care5 $0
PCP Network Visits1 $25
Urgent Care $60
Specialist Visits $60
Hospital Ded/Coins
Emergency Room Ded/Coins
Prescription Drugs3 RxSelect Network
Generic Drug $20
Preferred Drug $75
Non-Preferred Drug $250
Generic Specialty Drug and Preferred Specialty Drug $350
Non-Preferred Specialty Drug Ded & 50%

1 Primary Care Physicians include General Practice, Family Practice, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics.

3 Specialty medications should be filled at an Optum Specialty Pharmacy to receive the lowest member cost-sharing. You may pay more if filling a specialty prescription at a retail location.

5 Copay is $0 via Blue KC Virtual Care app; $10 copay with an in-network eligible provider.